The pedagogic approaches followed at La Foundation School (LFS) are a fine blend of collective and individual focus. We profess that every student must bear responsibility for what he has done. You know the graph of success is never a straight line. We believe that looser can be the best winner as he knows the importance of victory because of his/her experience during low-time. It is the teacher's, student's (along with the parent’s) prerogative to channelize this education at LFS towards achieving the goal of a bright career.

Our concerns and resulting innovations have therefore emphasized activities beyond the conventional classroom education. What has evolved over the small time is a mixed portfolio of innovative practices and experiments unique to LFS.


The classroom is meant primarily for conceptual inputs. While theory forms a basis, actual learning occurs through interactive discussions with teachers and classmates. Pre-class preparation is expected and this facilitates fruitful exchange of ideas. The classroom is a place where you give some measure of what you get.


Specially developed by LFS, and a prominent constituent of the pedagogic approach, this learning method is based on the assumption that peer group learning is very effective.
Self-study is essential for an individual’s success. But, an individual benefits immensely from the diverse ideas offered by fellow learners because we believe that communication of great ideas is as important as the idea itself.


We believe that classroom knowledge needs to be reinforced. Proactive and formally planned methods for developing attitudes and skills have been implanted within LFS’s non-classroom curriculum through a variety of craft work, audio-visual aids, periodic educational outings and other extra curricular activities.

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