Our History

La Foundation School (LFS) is the younger sibling of La Foundation (LF). It is an outcome of earnest efforts of Parents, Faculty, Students and on the whole the founder of LF Mrs. Shashi Garg. Whenever Mrs. Garg went to the USA, she used to accompany her nieces and nephews to their Kindergarten because of her great affection for kids. She was very impressed by the innovative pedagogy followed over there and thought if she could provide that sort of standardized education to her own children.

But being in Sangrur it seemed pretty impossible. As her children were through with their schooling, they generally shared the problems they faced and were facing due to improper foundation of their education. So as a mother, she longed to do something for the betterment of children. She happened to visit her younger sister in Los Angeles in 1998. As usually she accompanied her niece to Page Private School. From appearance it looked like any other school but this was one which anyone in Sangrur District could only dream of.

In the morning, the teachers would welcome the children coming off the school buses. Here they accompanied the students to the swings and playground. They feed the kids themselves and keep in mind about other small-but-important things like tying their shoelaces, cleaning face, buckling the belts etc. The teachers treated the children as their own and the children showed the same respect and care towards their teachers as they would give to their mothers. The parents seemed to be really happy to see their wards being looked after so much and so was she. How could she have known that this was the place which will enlighten the path to her inner desire and will infuse a bright spark which will lead to the establishment of ‘La Foundation’.

April 13, 99 was that blessed day, on which LF entered into Public service with firm determination to never look back and with the grace of god and his people LF stands by its words!

On July 28, 2003 La Foundation Educational Society (LFES) (REGD.) was incorporated to look after into the working and development of LFS. The members of the society arranged funds to buy additional land and to construct a high-tech school campus but we needed to find an appropriate location. So a study was conducted in the nearby villages and we came out with the results that Thalesan village (around 4 KM from Sangrur city) had extremely low literacy rate. The main aim being the all round development of the area, 13000 sq. yards land was bought in that village. This acted as a source of employment to the village labor class during the construction work. And few of them were absorbed as peons and sweepers after the construction work was over.

Starting with Kindergarten school, now LFS is a secondary school. LFS is determined to create, with students, an atmosphere of academic excellence and respect by providing educational and extra-curricular opportunities, encouraging life-long learning and responsibility, while promoting diversity and school pride.

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